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    Leblanc Bliss Bb Intermediate/Professional LE210S Clarinet


    In collaboration with international clarinet superstar Julian Bliss,  the Leblanc Bliss clarinets were designed to be of exceptional quality, affordable instruments.  Bliss clarinets are free blowing while still allowing the player to create a beautiful tone due to the unique bore design, undercut tone holes, voicing groove in the bell and specially designed ringless BLISS barrel and bell.


    • Unstained, aged grenadilla wood
    • Silver plated keywork
    • Over and undercut tone holes
    • Low E reinforcement bar
    • Targeted key adjustment screws
    • Innovative thumb rest design
    • Leblanc backpack style case

    It's the Leblanc 210 Bliss clarinet that Julian Bliss uses each and every day, performing all over the world!

    "I know I can pick up any Bliss clarinet and be able to perform at the level to which I am accustomed." - Julian Bliss

    Leblanc Bliss Bb Intermediate/Professional LE210S Clarinet