Selmer Saxophones

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    Selmer Intermediate Model AS32 Eb Alto Saxophone


    The Selmer AS32 Alto Saxophone marks a first ever collaboration between Henri Selmer Paris and Selmer USA on a intemediate saxophone. Featuring a post to body construction, leather pads with metal resonators and hand engraving - the body for the AS32 is ready for the advancing player, but it also comes with a neck designed and manufactured by Selmer Paris for this instrument, as well as a mouthpiece from Selmer Paris specially made for the advancing player. This makes the AS32 the most unique instrument in its class and price range, and the only one that can boast a genuine Henri Selmer Paris neck and mouthpiece.


    Yellow brass, post to body construction, hand engraved, backpack style case, genuine Selmer Paris neck and mouthpiece, metal resonators, High F# key, adjustment screws.

    Selmer Intermediate Model AS32 Eb Alto Saxophone